A Proud Indian

Saw a couple of my friends saying that “Proud of being an Indian” is senseless, for your birth in India is just a coincidence or the play of the destiny.

When I say I am an Indian, I know that it happened by chance; that I took birth in the country called India. But yes, when I say I’m proud to be an Indian, I am being proud to be the part of its great history, culture and its rich and varied heritage.

And yes, you’re proud of your parents. It is also a coincidence that you took birth as their son/daughter. Still, you love them and you’re proud about them. The same way!

Indian Independence Day

Courtesy:  gunapalaalva.blogspot.com

Happy Independence Day. Let’s try to be deserving to be proud of this great nation. Let’s be good citizens of our mother land!

Jai Hind!

Arunanand T A.

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