A Quick Review of Delhi Elections 2013

Bertrand Russel once said, “Democracy is the process by which people choose the man who’ll get the blame.”. This time, in New Delhi, the blame has been put against Sheila Dikshit, the lady who has three times swron-in as the executive chief of the State of NCR. The INC has miserably failed to have at least 25% of the seats they had last time. This shows many things:

Delhi Elections 2013


Was there Modi Magic?

Well, I personally am not a Modi fan. But I have always been curious about his administratorship. About how he approves projects in the state, about how he has a vision for development, etc. It’s true that a good portion of the people in India looks up to him with the same view today. It is not Modi’s magic alone, but for UPA Govt. has miserably failed to carry out their duties which they’d vowed to when sworn in. We cannot blame the people of India if they felt that they should retaliate to the corruption-filled rule of UPAII. Along with Modi Magic, if it is there, these disgruntle against UPA rule has, undoubtedly, reflected in the New Delhi results. That’s why not only Congress’ seats have reduced in number (from 2008’s 43 to 9), but BJP’s have increased (from 2008’s 23 to 33+ ~ the final verdict is yet to come).

Taking into consideration, the results in two other states – Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan – the Modi magic as well as contempt toward UPAII is vivid. Now the question is whether the same magic will repeat in GE2014. Well, that’s not a thing to be predicted now. Because, it is democracy; anything can happen.

AAP Magic?

It’s not about magic! People clearly lacked a security of leadership. They do not mind whether it is BJP or AAP or Congress. They want to be led by those who are (or seem to be) capable. It’s the basic psychology of democracy, not only in India but in most of the other countries, that people will always have a tendency to vote against the present government. Remember Glasnost, people never seem to be happy anywhere in the world under any rule. But in New Delhi, these discomforts were reinforced by incidents like Delhi Rape Case, and the UPA Scams. Again, people cannot be blamed if they see AAP as a resort to prosperity (that’s yet to be seen). If they believe, ‘we have given enough chances to both the major parties. Let’s see how it goes with AAP this time’, that’s quite natural and common man thought. And if a party like AAP, which has a leader of no political legacy, could achieve this much, they need a clap.

Now congress should learn from the mistakes. Even if they may blame their allies in the centre, for the scams, it is very lame and people are not gonna believe it. They should learn that people really want a change – a change in the current state of affairs, a change in the security of the people of India, a change in the lives of the poor. MGNREGA and Food Security seem not to have touched their hearts. GE 2014 is at the doorsteps!

The benefactors of this election, as I reckon, would be the people itself. Both the elected and the UPA at the centre will now generously pour prosperity projects to the people, with an eye on GE 2014. Whatever gotten, counts!