Adulteration in Food in India

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has, today, ruled that milk adulteration is punishable with life imprisonment. I would read this sentence as one of the most important and historic rulings by the Hon’ble SCI. If I remember correctly, the Hon’ble SCI had expressed its serious concern and anguish over the same case back in June or July 2013. This verdict is a baby of that concern. Hats off to the SCI. But it’s pitiable that the punishment for adulteration and criminals acts equally horrible are treated with less concern in our country. Compare it with other democratic nations like USA, where they give prime importance to the health and hygiene of their citizens.

Food Safety in India Milk Adulteration

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We have laws, but it is pathetic that most of them are not enforced. Remember a simple case in the US(?), where a guy ordered a veg burger but was given a non-veg one, unknowingly. This led to compensating the guy with a huge amount of money. If it was in our country, what would have happened, instead? Think!

In the developed countries viz. the US, the regulations about the quality and quantity are thoroughly examined at various levels through a working system. They regard violation of Food Security laws equally important like any other federal offence. If any of the regulations — be it the violation of quantity, be it the difference in the calories specified on the packet — is violated, the company/manufacturer will be heavily punished. That’s what we lack in India. Let this verdict be an eye-opener, and let our Food Safety and Standards Authority of India keep their vision wide. Democracy is still an institution defined by the people, of the people and ultimately FOR the people.