How to Prepare for GATE?

Many of my juniors have been asking me on how to prepare for GATE. Sharing an article, which was written by me and published by Mathrubhumi daily, on August 29, 2012. Mathrubhumi – Article by Arunanand T A on 29-Aug-2012 – How to Open the ‘GATE’ Readers also enjoyed: GATE – An Overview . Hi […]

GATE – An Overview

. Hi all,   So many friends of mine have been asking very fundamental doubts about admissions through GATE. Today, Malayala Manorama daily published my latest article on “GATE” in their “Career Guru” page. I believe that this shall be a nice start for the “laymen” and it is worth sharing with you all. I […]

How to Choose Engineering Colleges and Branches in Kerala?

This is an article written by me and published by Manorama Online in the “Education News” section, on May 28, 2013. Kindly share it with your friends, who might benefit. Direct URL to Manorama News: (might expire after some days, as Manorama doesn’t archive news).   എഞ്ചിനീയറിംഗ്-ഏത്, എങ്ങനെ? ടി. എ. അരുണാനന്ദ് അങ്ങനെ എഞ്ചിനീയറിംഗ് എന്ട്രന്‍സ് പരീക്ഷാഫലവും പുറത്തു […]