Looking for a Complete Travel Checklist? Here, it is.

Ever wanted to have a jumbo checklist before you pack your bags for that dream vacation? Here’s one which we created (we travelled as a group of 8, college friends) to Europe (Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic) in Sep 2019. Thought this would help someone out there:

Disclaimer: Some items might not appeal to you; some may. That’s how it’s a jumbo list, not a ready-to-pack list.

  1. Passport
  2. A copy of Passport
  3. A copy of Visa
  4. Printed copy of Inward and outward flights
  5. Boarding Passes, if any.
  6. Printed copy of Intra-country travel tickets
  7. Printed copy of Inter-country travel tickets
  8. Printed copy of hotel reservation tickets
  9. Printed copy of tourist attraction/activity entry tickets
  10. Printed copy of Insurance document
  11. Universal Charger
  12. Powerbank (highly recommended) – keep in hand-baggage
  13. Powerbank charger
  14. Mobile
  15. Mobile charger
  16. A small torch
  17. Neck Pillow
  18. Water Bottle (drinking water in Europe is usually a paid commodity when you’re outside of your ho(s)tel)
  19. Toothpaste
  20. Toothbrush
  21. Tounge Cleaner
  22. Mouthwash
  23. Comb
  24. Hand sanitiser
  25. Moisturiser
  26. Lip Balm
  27. Hair Oil
  28. Bath Soap/Bath lotion
  29. Conditioner
  30. Shampoo
  31. Facewash
  32. Sunscreen cream/lotion
  33. Wet wipes
  34. Dry tissues
  35. Shaver
  36. Shaving Cream
  37. Deodorant
  38. Bath towel (preferably the quick-dry ones). Hostels might not provide towels for free.
  39. Chappals
  40. Shoes (waterproof recommended)
  41. Umbrella (everyone should have a copy each)
  42. Tshirts
  43. Jeans
  44. Belt
  45. Lungi (oh yea, who doesn’t like some air)
  46. Shorts
  47. Trackpants
  48. Shirts
  49. Scarf
  50. Earplug (you might get them on the flight for free. Ask)
  51. Sleep mask (eye-mask) (you might get them on the flight for free. Ask)
  52. Cap/Hat
  53. Gloves (recommended if you’re travelling to a chilly place)
  54. Nylon cloth for pools
  55. Undergarments
  56. Socks
  57. Nightwear/Thermal wear
  58. Jacket
  59. Sunglass
  60. Spectacles
  61. Backpack/Racksack
  62. A label to be affixed on Backpack/Racksack while checked-in
  63. A separate small bag (cross country bag) to keep easy-access documents/items, preferably with a waterproof cover.
  64. Sealable bags to keep used/wet cloths
  65. A lock (preferably a number lock)
  66. Watch
  67. Camera
  68. Camera charger
  69. Camera battery (need to check where to pack)
  70. SD Card for additional storage
  71. Tablet/iPad
  72. License
  73. Credit Card
  74. Debit Card
  75. Forex Card
  76. Priority Pass (or any pass that may give you access to airport lounges)
  77. Another national identity card (Aadhaar/PAN/Driving License/Voter ID)
  78. Wallet
  79. International Driving Permit
  80. Pen
  81. Books to read (or Kindle)
  82. Headphones
  83. Lighter (for cigars; make sure this is packed inside of the checkedin luggage)
  84. Activating International Roaming on your SIM
  85. Loading Forex Card
  86. Having a little of the destination currency in hand
  87. Intimating your bank about international travel
  88. Change international usage limit on Credit Card
  89. Change international usage limit on Debit Card
  90. Google Translate (thank me later!)
  91. Download local languages for offline translation on Google Translate app
  92. Google Lens (thank me twice later!)
  93. Waze (planning to drive?)
  94. Here (and download the entire countries that we go to)
  95. Download selected areas offline on Google Maps
  96. SplitWise, if you’re travelling as a group
  97. Disable all unwanted sync services on mobile to save data

The following items could be add-ons, depending on the nature of the trip:

  1. Whistle
  2. A copy of the itinerary in print
  3. Prescription letter for medicines, if any
  4. Snacks
    1. Nuts, biscuits, Fruit Cake, Chocolates, etc. for easy, quick use.
  5. Common/Daily Medicines (make sure that you consult your doc before you take them with you. Here’s what our group took with us)
    1. Paracetamol
    2. Vicks Vaporub
    3. Band aid
    4. Sprain Spray
    5. Amoxylin
    6. Odomos
    7. ORS
    8. Avomin
    9. Pudin Hara
    10. Eldoper/LOPAMIDE
    11. Diamox
    12. Domstal
    13. Gelusil
    14. Cheston Cold
    15. Genvol Plus
    16. Levocetirizine