Sample Python Laboratory Exercises for First Year KTU Computer Science Students

For BE101-05 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTING AND PROBLEM SOLVING course’s laboratory practice, of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU)

As duplicating the old, typical C laboratory problems to the Python laboratory would mean a serious detour from the philosophy of python, the following sample of lab exercises are suggested to incorporate. Encourage students to make their programs into functions as much as possible, as that’s fairly the philosophy of python. And the practice of giving comments in the program may also be promoted. Further, let them write the python code as per the PEP format.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial document, and are suggestions by two python programmers. They are just directives. We are not at all related to the KTU.

 Note: Questions might not be in order of the syllabus. Some questions are created by us, some are tweaked.