Bothaiyanaar Alternative to Pythagorean Theorem

Bothaiyanaar’s Alternative to Pythagorean Theorem Related post: It was quite accidentally, when reading about Pythagorean theorem, that I stumbled upon this amazingly simpler theorem which stands as an alternative to Pythagorean theorem. This was actually written by a Tamil poet – Bothaiyanaar – and is useful while calculating the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle. Note that […]

An Alternative to the Pythagorian Theorem by a Keralite Mathematics Teacher

I rose to read Mathrubhumi daily today, only to amuse myself for a Keralite Mathematics teacher – Mr. Rahumathulla – has devised an alternative to the well-known Pythagorian Theorem. The original theorem is supposed to be so minimalistic and unimprovable that even the fifth graders in our schools are given lectures on the same. But, […]

MPLADS Fund Utilization by Kerala MPs

It was on a purely academic interest that I sent an RTI to the Dept. of Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India for details on the MPLADS fund utilization by Kerala MPs. The request was forwarded to Dept. of Statistics, and they gave me a reply. Adding it here. Actually, such stats are available on the […]

Article on Civilian Awards in India

Here is an article written by me and published by Padhippura page of Malayala Manorama daily, on 16-Dec-2013.   Arunanand T A Readers also enjoyed: How to Select an IT Job? An article by me, published in “Career Guru” page of… Engineering Education: 10 Mandates Yesterday, I stumbled upon a new shared on Facebook, about… […]