Intelligence Bureau ACIO (IB ACIO) Examination 2015-16: Preparation Plan

One of my friends today asked me if I can help him prepare a study plan for the IB ACIO examination that will be conducted either in late 2015 or in early 2016. Took some time to figure out and analyse things from the web, but at last, did!

Attaching the study plan (suggested preparation time table) just in case it helps somebody else, too.

  • P.S: This was for a friend. I have no intentions of writing this examination. So, further and in-depth queries in this regard may be directed toward someone who is preparing for it.
  • Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the data/information given in here, in case the gravity of the suggested topics differs from what will actually appear in the question paper. Take this as a suggested plan of study, and tweak it to your understanding and convenience.

IB ACIO 2015-2016 – Six Month Preparation Plan (Schedule+Time Table)

Arunanand T A